SB SOX Compression Knee Brace Review

The box and the sleeve.
The box and the sleeve.


The SB SOX Compression Knee Brace is a great all-rounder brace, it is effective at reducing knee pain as it reduces the knee's loading. You can safely expect it to reduce pain from tearing, arthritis, injuries or surgeries. The brace is thin, can be worn under the clothing, and can help with almost any sport. However it's not really suited for the pool, as the chlorinated water may damage it. If you are looking for a thick sleeve for crossfit or lifting, check out the Bear CompleX sleeve.

Pro Con
suitable for most sportsnot usable in a pool
thin, fits under pantsnot padded, no protection from falling
no metal in itmay contain latex
effective against knee-painmay not help in a few cases
great customer supportmust select proper size

Sizing the brace

The SB SOX Compression Brace is available in four sizes. To find out your size, you'll have to measure the circumference of your thigh, 4 inches above the top of your kneecap.

Thigh sizeSize code
14.5 ... 17 inchesS
17 ... 19.5 inchesM
19.5 ... 22 inchesL
22 ... 24.5 inchesXL

Selecting a size too small will result in a too tight fit, while a too large one will probably slide off. Measuring 4 inches from the top of your knee-cap is important, as your thigh gets thicker the higher you measure. Would you measure 4 inches from the middle of your knee cap, you would probably buy a knee sleeve that's a bit too tight.

The manufacturer's sizing chart is also available on the knee brace's product page.

The length of the knee brace top to bottom is 10.6 inches for the S,M and L sizes, and 11.0 inches for the XL size. The rear side of the brace is a bit shorter than the front size.

If you have large calves, consider getting a brace with velcro straps, such as the Bracoo knee support sleeve. These are a lot more easier to get on than a simple sleeve.

SB SOX has great support and they will help you out would you order the wrong size.

Sporting with the brace

The SB SOX Compression Brace is great for all kind of sports including biking, hiking, dancing (zumba), squatting, weight lifting, gym workouts, football and basketball too. The material is soft so bending your knees will be easy, it will not bunch up in the back. The brace is effective at reducing the knee pain you may experience during sporting or walking as it takes over some load from your knees.

The SB SOX brace is light and breaths very well, so you it will not make you sweat.

Using the brace in water for swimming, water aerobics or simply for getting out of the pool is not advised. The chlorinated pool water could reduce the brace's lifetime. Be sure to wash it with mild soap after the pool, and hang it to dry (do not twist).

Helping your health

The SB SOX Knee Brace is effective at reducing many kinds of knee pain. If you experience pain after overloading your knee the brace will surely make you feel better as it keeps the joints tight.

The brace is good for arthritis induced pain, pain from ACL or meniscus tear. It's also good if you have pain after walking on hard surfaces. If you had a motorcycle or car accident, or a surgery which impacted your knee the SB SOX brace can help with these too.

Overloading your knee can cause painful tendinitis. Wearing the brace will reduce the load on your tendons, and the pain too.

For some the best time to wear this brace is during sleep, so their pain is gone when they get up.

The brace is available in three colors.
The brace is available in three colors.

Wearing the SB SOX brace

The SB SOX Compression Brace is fairly thin, so you can easily wear it under your pants or workout gear. It works well with tighter pants too.

The brace lets the air through so you can keep it on all day long without sweating. The brace usually holds up well, hardly ever slips or folds. The material is soft and comfortable, so you can keep it on for long time without itching.

Washing the brace

The brace holds up well in the washing machine, still, for best results only hand wash it in cold water, and let it try out by itself. Twisting is not recommended as this could damage the brace.

Material and quality

The SB SOX compression brace is made of nylon and spandex material, and contains a thin silicone strip at the top and the bottom to prevent slipping.

The brace may contain latex, take care if you have latex allergy. The brace does not contain metal, so it will not cause you problems at the airport security.

Good to know

The SB SOX compression brace comes as a single package, you have to order two if you want it on both knees. A few promotions are available if you'd like to order more.

The SB SOX brace is not FDA certified, still you can expect it to reduce your knee pain. The support is great and will help you if you are not satisfied.

The brace is light weight so it will not drag you down. It's not padded, so it will not protect your knee from falling.