Rehband Knee Brace Review

The 7mm brace - looks simple, works well.
The 7mm brace - looks simple, works well.


The Rehband 7mm knee brace is a great neoprene knee brace for heavy squatting and crossfit. It's very sturdy compared to other sleeves, and it's IPF approved for powerlifting and IWF approved for Olympic lifting.

It also has a thinner variant the 5mm "7751" Rehband sleeve, which is a great allrounder, as it's suitable for lighter sports which need more dynamism.

Both type of sleeves come as single, so you'll have to order two for both legs. The braces are made of neoprene so they are strong and warm. However they may have some neoprene odor initially.

Pro Con
suitable for heavy squatting, crossfitnot for light sports
thick with strong supportwill make your knee sweat
does not contain metalno lateral support
helps with squattingyou'll need to buy two
very sturdywarranty is limited to the stitching
7mm version is IPF and IWF approved5mm version not approved by IPF, IWF
made of strong and warm neoprenewill have some neoprene odor initially
The 7mm brace - designed to fit.
The 7mm brace - designed to fit.

Sizing the Rehband brace

To find out the size you need for the 7mm sleeve, straighten your leg and measure the circumference of your knee at the middle of your kneecap. The sizing chart is also available at the product's page, it's the last image.

CircumferenceSize code
12.2 ... 13 inchesXS
13 ... 13.8 inchesS
13.8 ... 14.6 inchesM
14.6 ... 15.7 inchesL
15.7 ... 16.9 inchesXL
16.9 ... 18.1 inchesXXL

To size the 5mm sleeve, measure the circumference of your shin 4 inches bellow your kneecap. The sizing chart is the same.

The front side of the medium size sleeve is 10 and 3/8 inches long, the back side is 7 and 7/8 inches.

Sporting with the sleeve

The 7mm Rehband sleeve (the 7051 original) was designed especially for lifting heavy weights and deep squatting.

It's also suitable for crossfit, and this sleeve is approved both by the IPF for powerlifting, and the IWF for Olympic lifting.

The sleeves are very warm and stiff due to their thickness so you will not really want to wear them for anything but training.

With the support of these neoprene brace you will be able to squat more reps with larger weights while feeling less pain. This works because the sleeve takes over some load from your knee.

5mm navy blue brace - best for sports requiring dynamism
5mm navy blue brace - best for sports requiring dynamism

The 5mm sleeve (also known as the 7751) is suitable for sports with more dynamism, including running, basketball, football, dancing. The 5mm one is a bit thick too, so expect your knees to sweat.

If you had an ACL, MCL or LCL injury this sleeve will help you get back to squatting again, you will feel more secure with the brace on.

For an even thinner sleeve you may want to check the FitXpert sleeve.

The brace is not padded so it will not protect your knee from falling or in sports where you slide on your knee. Still you can use the 5mm sleeve for added knee support just make sure you use a knee pad too.

While the brace was not designed for pool the water does not damage it as it's made of neoprene. Just make sure you wash them with running water to get the chlorine out fast.

Helping your health

The sleeve takes off load from your knee when squatting, so if you have arthritis, knee injury/tear, or tendonitis you will feel less pain while squatting with these sleeves on.

It's ideal choice if you'd like to keep on squatting after a knee injury, the sleeve works especially well for ACL tears, tendonitis and arthritis.

If you previously overstrained your knee it will take a few days before the sleeve's protective effect kicks in as your knee needs a bit of time for regeneration.

The sleeve is very strong so it can help preventing knee injuries during training too as it takes over the load.

Your knees will be better stabilized with the brace so you will hear less clicking and cracking too (these are caused by tears).

Wearing the sleeve

It's the best to wear these sleeves under your clothing, so it will not slip and will not make your training pants bunch up under itself.

The sleeve looks good so you can wear them with shorts too. As the sleeve is very thick, it will be visible under your training pants if they are tight.

This sleeve has no anti-slip silicone strip but it still hardly ever slips.

The 7mm thick 7051 sleeve comes only in blue. The 5mm thick one comes in Burgundy red, Navy blue, Black, Camo, Black+Pink, Blue+Red, Navy+Burgundy, Gray, Green, Purple and Turquoise colors, so you'll surely find one you like.

Washing it

Hand washing the sleeves is the best to make them last long, even though the manual says you can wash it in the washing machine. Afterwards just let them dry. If you turn them inside-out after training they will not develop an odor. Never ever twist them as this could damage the sleeves.

The back of the 5mm brace - strong and flexible.
The back of the 5mm brace - strong and flexible.

Material and quality

The sleeve is made of neoprene so it will have some neoprene odor initially. There is no metal in it, so you will not get a rash from the metal touching your skin. This also means that this sleeve does not have strong lateral support.

There's no information from Rehband if there is latex in the sleeve so be careful with them at first if you have latex allergy.

Good to know

The 7mm 7051 sleeve is IPF approved for powerlifting and IWF approved for Olympic lifting, which is unique in this category.

The sleeve comes as a single so you will have to order two for both knees.

The brace is very well made and can take the beating, it's definitely recommended. While other sleeves give in just after a few months you'll be able to use this one for years.

There are great reviews of the 7mm sleeve on youtube: BarBend has a quick, 2-minute review, and there is also a longer, 8-minute review.

The issues

There's no information if there is latex in the sleeve so take care with it if you have latex allergy.