Primal Elite Knee Sleeve Review


The Primal Elite Knee Sleeves (or Impulse Sportz Knee Sleeves) are knee sleeves specialized for crossfit and heavy lifting. The sleeves come as a pair, which makes them more economical than the other sleeves which only come as single. The sleeve provides great support, and will help with the depth of your squats and the weight you can lift while reducing the pain you feel. If you are looking for a sleeve for everyday wearing, check out the FitXpert sleeve.

The strange reviews on the sleeves page and the slow support from the seller make this one a bit questionable.

Pro Con
good for heavy squattingnot suitable for light sports like running
does not contain metalno lateral support
does not contain latexmade out of neoprene, has neoprene smell
works well against knee-pain when squattingnot suitable for every day use
economical, comes as paircould wear out early

Sizing the brace

To find out your size just stretch your leg and measure your knee's circumference at the middle of your kneecap. S, M, L and XL sizes are available.

Knee sizeSize code
11.8 ... 13 inchesS
13 ... 14.2 inchesM
14.2 ... 15.7 inchesL
15.7 ... 17 inchesXL

The sizing table is available on the product's page too as the third image.

The sleeve is available as 5mm thick and 7mm thick - the 5mm version is good if you want to keep some freedom of movement, for example in crossfit. The 7mm version holds tighter which makes it more suitable for heavy squatting.

The sleeve is designed for squatting.
The sleeve is designed for squatting.

Sporting with the sleeve

The sleeve was designed for heavy squats, so it's a bit too tight for lighter sports like walking and running. If you bought this for squatting and would like to try it for running that's great, however buying this for running, walking, dancing, or soccer makes no sense.

The 5mm thick version is more suitable for crossfit, while the 7mm version is better for heavy squats.

Helping your health

This sleeve is ideal helps if you had a knee injury or surgery, or if you are suffering from osteoarthritis and would like to work out.

The sleeve takes over some load from your knees, so you will be able to squat deeper with more weight feeling less pain.

The sleeve helps tendonitis, ACL and MCL tears too when squatting.

The sleeve looks cool.
The sleeve looks cool.

Wearing the sleeve

You can wear the sleeve both under or above your training pants. Under thin and tight pants the sleeves will be visible as they are fairly thick. They are fairly easy to put on and then pull down. The downside is that sometimes they do slip or bunch up behind the knee.

Washing it

For best results hand-wash the sleeve only and let it dry by itself. If you'd still like to wash it in a washing machine, go for a delicate cycle with cold water. Twisting the sleeve is not recommended.

Material and quality

The sleeve is made of neoprene, it contains no latex (so no latex allergy) and there's no metal in it (thus no lateral support).

As the sleeve is made of neoprene it could have some neoprene smell initially.

The neoprene does not breathe that well - the thinner 5mm version breathes better, the 7mm gives more support. The sleeve has no anti-slip strip.

The sleeve is available as 5mm or 7mm versions, in blue, or a combination of black and navy blue, red, green, white or charcoal (grey) colors.

The issues

Some of the reviews of this sleeve are probably fake, as different people submitted reviews with the same wording, for example this and this.

The seller usually takes quite a few days to respond to emails. The sleeves might wear out earlier than you'd expect them to.

Good to know

If you are into squatting or crossfit you may want to check the Bear KompleX sleeve. For lighter use the FitXpert or the Blitzu sleeve is more suitable.

The sleeve comes with a free bag.