Nordic Lifting Brace Review


The Nordic Lifting 7mm neoprene sleeve is a surprisingly well made, high-quality sleeve designed mainly for squatting and crossfit - still it's usable for other sports, even for running, if you do not mind the tight fit. The sleeve keeps the knees very warm, and the tight fit takes a lot of load off your knees, which means less pain and less clicking when squatting.

The sleeve is easy to wash and comes as a pair, so you will not have to buy two. The sleeve is better made than the Primal Elite or Bear KompleX sleeve.

Pro Con
good for heavy squattingbunches up occasionally behind the knees
no metal in itno lateral support
no latex means no allergyhas neoprene smell
protects the knee when squattinga bit too thick for running
comes as pairpriced higher than the competition
XS ... XXL sizes availablethickness is 7mm, no 5mm version
keeps the knees warmwill make your knees sweat
The sleeve comes in a nice little box.
The sleeve comes in a nice little box.

Sizing the brace

To size brace measure the circumference of your knee at the middle of the kneecap.

Knee sizeSize code
11.8 ... 13 inchesXS
11.8 ... 13 inchesS
13 ... 14.2 inchesM
14.2 ... 15.7 inchesL
15.7 ... 17 inchesXL
17 ... 18 inchesXXL

The sizing chart is also available on the product's page, it's the third image.

The length of the sleeves is about 9-10 inches in the front, and about 7.5 inches in the back.

Sporting with the sleeve

The sleeve is good mainly for heavy squatting and crossfit. While some people use it for more dynamic sports like yoga, running, wrestling, hiking, basketball and football you'll be probably better of with a thinner sleeve as the tight feeling from the strong sleeve may feel strange for these dynamic sports. The thinner sleeve provides less support but more freedom of movement.

The sleeve is very warm, so expect to have sweaty knees wearing these. On the plus side it keeps your knee joints warmed up too.

The sleeve fits tightly and rarely slips, it effectively takes over some load from your knee so you'll experience less pain. If you are squatting this also means deeper squats with more weight.

The sleeve could be used in the pool or water too if you want to.

The sleeve is thick so provides great support.
The sleeve is thick so provides great support.

Helping your health

The sleeve effectively reduces the load on your knees so you will feel less pain and cracking noises when squatting with these sleeves on.

The sleeves help your knees if you had injury, and they can prevent injury as your tendons will be less strained.

As the sleeve is very warm, it will keep your knees warmed up which further prevents the injuries.

The knees are kept stable by the sleeves, which helps a lot if you have a tendon issue, for example ACL, MCL or PCL. Tendonitis, particularly patellar tendonitis symptoms and meniscus tear symptoms are reduced too.

This product is also recommended if you injured your knee and you'd like to keep training - it can help your injury heal faster.

Wearing the sleeve

You can wear the sleeve both under and above your clothing. To successfully wear it above your training pants you'll need either thin pants, or measure the size of your knee with your pants on before ordering.

Unless you wear it under tight pants, the sleeve will not be visible under clothing.

Wearing the sleeve all day long works very well too, if your knees need constant support.

The sleeves are warm, so you'll get sweaty under it if you wear it on a hot summer day or for a hard workout.

Washing it

You can either hand-wash the sleeves, or wash them in the washing machine on a delicate cycle. Afterwards just let them dry out by themselves, never twist.

The sleeves do not shrink after washing, so you will not need to get a bigger size.

The black color is the most popular.
The black color is the most popular.

Material and quality

The sleeve is latex free so you will get no latex allergy from it. The material is neoprene, so it will have some neoprene odor initially.

The stitching is extra strong, so you will not see the wear and tear that is common in other sleeves. The "Nordic Lifting" logo tends to wear off but this is not an issue at all.

This brace has no metal in it, which means no issues at airports or MRI machines, and no metal allergy. The downside is that it does not have strong lateral support, like the braces with side hinges have.

The sleeve at the knee is thick but not padded so it will not protect your knee in a fall. It's available in pink and camo grey colors too.

Good to know

The sleeve does not have an anti-slip silicone strip but it still stays in place. If you'd like to get a sleeve with an anti-slip strip, your best bet is the Blitzu sleeve, however it's thinner than this one.

The sleeve comes as a pair so you will not have to buy two for the two knees. Alternatively you can use them on one knee only, and switch to the other sleeve once the old one wears out.

The product has a surprisingly high quality, the material and the stitches are strong so you'll get a great bang for the buck.

The issues

The only issue is that the sleeves occasionally bunch up behind the knee. As it's warm the perspiration could give you some skin irritation.