Mava Knee Compression Brace Review


The Mava Knee Brace is overall a great brace for knee pain and joint issues. It was designed for everyday wearing, walking, running and light sports which require flexibility, but not heavy-duty support. The sleeve comes as a pair, rarely bunches up behind the knee, the only slight drawback is that the seams seems to be weaker than expected. For a heavy-duty sleeve with good support for squatting and crossfit, check the Mava Neoprene Sleeve.

Pro Con
economical, comes as paironly hand wash for best results
suitable for light sportsnot for swimming or heavy squatting
no metal in itcontains latex, could cause allergy
thin enough to fit under clothingno padding, no protection in an accident
takes over some load from your kneedoes not work for everyone
sizes S..XXL availableonly two colors are available
stabilizes the patella and tendonsthe seams are weak

Sizing the brace

To size the brace stand up, and measure your thigh's circumference 3.95 inches from the middle of your knee. Make sure the measuring tape is held straight with no bends or wrinkles in it.

Thigh sizeSize code
11.8 ... 13.8 inchesS
13.8 ... 15.35 inchesM
15.35 ... 16.95 inchesL
16.95 ... 18.50 inchesXL
18.50 ... 19.70 inchesXXL

The sleeve fits nicely with good compression.
The sleeve fits nicely with good compression.

Sporting with the sleeve

This Mava brace was designed for light sports which do not require very strong support, but need a thin sleeve for dynamism. If you are into squatting with heavy weights try the Mava Neoprene Sleeve .

The sleeve is ideal for any sport with lot of walking, running, turns and knee bending, such as basketball, tennis, soccer, football, dancing, zumba, hiking. The brace helps by keeping the tendons and the patella in place, and it also takes over some load from them.

As the brace makes your knees less loaded, it helps with the pain from an ACL, MCL or PCL injury. Due to it's tightness and compression it also stabilizes your patella if it's prone to slipping to the side.

This sleeve does not have an anti-slip silicone strip, still it rarely slips. For a sleeve with an anti-slip strip check the Blitzu brace

This sleeve does not have a knee pad, so it will not protect you from falling, or in sports where you slide on your knee.

The material is thick enough so that it keeps your knees a bit warmer which is great for cold weather walks.

The product was not designed for pool use and the chlorinated water may damage it, so beware if you'd like to use it for swimming or aqua sports. For a sleeve which could fare better in a pool, check the FitXpert sleeve.

It rarely bunches up in the back.
It rarely bunches up in the back.

Helping your health

As most joint problems benefit from the compression, the sleeve is ideal for a wide range of joint-health issues. If you have pain after overloading your knees, for example walking for a long time, wearing this brace will help.

If you had a knee injury or knee damage from an accident the sleeve will help you live a fuller life by reducing your pain.

The sleeve is suitable for wearing all day long but it works well if you only wear them during flare-ups. The Mava sleeves are thin and light so you can keep them always with you.

As the brace takes over some of the load from your tendons, it works well for MCL and ACL sprains, runner's knee and meniscus tears.

The compression it provides improves the healing time after a surgery too.

As it stabilizes the knee you'll hear less joint cracking and clicking too.

Wearing the Mava knee brace

The Mava knee brace is thin, so you can wear it both under or over your clothes. It is not visible under the clothing, unless you wear tight and thin pants.

Washing the brace

Just like the other braces in this class, it's best to hand wash the Mava sleeves and let them dry by themselves. Twisting may damage them. If you are short on time popping the sleeves into the washing machine on a delicate cycle works well too.

The material feels good to wear.
The material feels good to wear.

Material and quality

According to the brochure, the material is "bamboo charcoal fiber, spandex and latex". Despite the claims that the bamboo charcoal fiber has some kind of magical positive health effect it's probably just a marketing gimmick. On the other hand it does not hurt either.

The latex in the brace could cause latex allergy. There's no metal in the brace, so no metal that could touch your skin and cause a rash or allergy.

If you have latex allergy, check the FitXpert brace - it contains no latex.

The brace does not contain neoprene, so it doesn't have that ugly neoprene smell.

Good to know

The brace comes as a pair so it's great value - others usually comes as single. It's available in black and grey colors. For a brace with a lot more colors check the SB SOX sleeve.

The sleeve hardly ever bunches up at the back of the knee which makes them really comfortable.

The issues

The sleeve is not as durable as it should be, the seams tend to give in earlier than expected.