FitXpert Knee Compression Sleeve Review


The FitXpert Knee Compression Sleeve is a generic looking but very effective sleeve. The the price is very competitive, as you get two sleeves in a single package. It's suitable for most sports and activities, is easy to wash, and will not drag you down as it's both light and flexible. The sleeve seems to have two versions, a thicker and a thinner one, so you can't be sure which one you'll get. You can wear the sleeve under your pants too. If you are looking for a thick sleeve for crossfit or lifting, check out the Bear CompleX sleeve.

Pro Con
suitable for most sportsno silicon strip, so it could slip
usable in the poolhas two versions, hard to know which one you get
thin, fits under pantsnot padded, no protection from falling
no metal or latex in itif you get the thick one, it will be hot
works well for knee-paindoes not work for everyone
no questions asked return policydue to the issues you may actually need to return it
good priceyou may not need both sleeves in the package

Sizing the brace

The FitXpert Knee Compression Sleeve is available in four sizes. To find out your size, you'll have to measure the circumference of knee at the middle of the kneecap with your legs held straight. This makes sizing simple and reliable compared to other braces and sleeves.

Thigh sizeSize code
12 ... 14 inchesS
14 ... 15.8 inchesM
15.8 ... 17.5 inchesL
17.5 ... 21 inchesXL

If you need stronger compression, just buy a smaller size. Buying the smaller size is a good idea if you are near the lower limit for a given size.

The seller is very helpful, and will refund you if you bought the wrong size.

The manufacturer's sizing chart is also available on the knee brace's product page, it's the fourth picture.

The length of the sleeve varies with the size:

Size codeLength
S9.6 inches
M10.3 inches
L10.6 inches
XL11.6 inches

Sometimes not all sizes are available, in this case it's worth to wait a bit, as the sleeves are great value.

For large calves a brace with velco straps could work better, as those are a lot easier to put on and remove. You may want to check out the Bracoo knee support sleeve.

Sporting with the sleeve

The FitXpert Knee Compression Sleeve is great for all kind of sports including walking, running, basketball, weight lifting, and any similar sport (dancing, biking, hiking, squatting, yoga and football for example). The sleeve will not hinder your movements as it's not thick, however it might slip.

For some the sleeves tend to slip during sport, but it's only due to wrong size selection. If you experience this just let the seller know, and they will refund you.

The sleeve is very comfortable and provides tight support, you can expect it to reduce the load, and the pain on your knees.

For some the fabric may seem a bit thick, but it breathes well, so you are unlikely to feel hot wearing it.

These sleeves can be worn for aqua fitness or swimming too, they do cope well with the chlorinated water.

Helping your health

The FitXpert Knee Compression Sleeve works well for almost any kind of knee pain. The sleeve takes over some load from your knees, so they will not be that strained, and you will feel free to move again.

The sleeves is good for pain induced by arthritis, car or bike accidents, knee injuries, or patellar tendinitis. It's great choice too if you have some mild, undiagnosed pain which could be tendinitis, as the sleeve may stop it from worsening.

You can wear the sleeve for long times, even for sleeping. Just make sure your circulation is not inhibited and you'll be OK. Wearing the sleeve during sleeping could reduce the pain by the time you are up again.

The sleeve fits nicely.
The sleeve fits nicely.

Wearing the FitXpert sleeve

There seems to be two versions of the FitXpert sleeve on the market, one of them is a bit thicker, and breathes not so well. The other, current one is thinner and breathes easier, so you will not get sweaty.

The sleeve is thin enough so you can wear it under your clothing and it will not be visible. If you wear tight and thin leggings, the edges of the sleeve may shine through a bit as they are thicker.

Washing the brace

One of the real advantages of the FitXpert sleeve is that it's really easy to wash, you can just pop them in the washing machine, then let them dry naturally, do not twist. The sleeves will not shrink after washing.

The sleeve looks generic.
The sleeve looks generic.

Material and quality

The FitXpert seems to have two versions, the current one is 75% nylon and 25% spandex. There is also a previous version with 65% nylon, 30% rubber thread, and 5% spandex.

A downside of this sleeve is that it does not have a silicon strip on the top and bottom edge, so it's more likely to slip than the SB SOX sleeve.

The brace does not contain latex, so you can wear it even if you have latex allergy.

The brace does not contain any metal, so it will not cause issues at the airport security, or medical examinations such as MRI or X-ray.

Good to know

You'll get two sleeves in a single packages, so you have to order only one for both knees. Or you can use the second one once the first wears out.

The FitXpert has no FDA certification, but you can still expect it to reduce your knee pain. The seller has a no-questions-asked return policy, so your investment is well protected.

The sleeve has no knee padding, so it will not protect you if you have to knee a lot, or if you fall.

The issues

The sleeve has two versions on the market, and it's not clear which one you will get. There are material and thickness differences between the versions. The ratings seem to be boosted too. The lack of silicone strip on the top makes the brace slip easier than the SB SOX sleeve.