Bear KompleX Knee Sleeve Review

You can choose from 10 colors.
You can choose from 10 colors.


The Bear KompleX sleeves are specially designed for crossfit and heavy squatting. The sleeves are thick and provide good support. However they are too thick for other sports like running or jogging, and not really suitable for everyday wear either.

The sleeves come in 10 colors and sizes between S and XL. 5mm and 7mm thick versions are available too - the thicker gives more support for heavy lifting, the thinner gives more freedom of movement.

You may want to check the FitXpert or the SB SOX sleeves if you are looking for great all-rounders.

Pro Con
designed for squatting and crossfitnot suitable for other usage
great value, comes as pairtends to give in early
no metal or latex in itthe neoprene smell takes time to go away
provides great supportthe 7mm versions can be too stiff

Sizing the brace

As the Bear KompleX brace is intended for weight-lifting and crossfit, so measuring the size is a bit different than for other braces. To get the size you need, you'll have to bend your knee about 30 degrees and measure the circumference of your knee at the middle of your patella.

Size at mid-patellaSize code
9.5 ... 11.5 inchesS
11.5 ... 13.5 inchesM
13.5 ... 15.5 inchesL
15.5 ... 18 inchesXL
18 ... 20 inchesXXL

The sizing chart is also available on the product's page.

If you have a hard time deciding between two sizes, get the larger one. Only get the smaller one if you are sure you want tight compression and do not have large calves or thighs.

The length of the sleeve is a bit more than 11 inches in the front, and about 7 inches in the back.

The sleeve was designed for squatting.
The sleeve was designed for squatting.

Sporting with the sleeve

The sleeve is specialized for crossfit and heavy squat usage, so it's not suitable for sports which require more freedom of movement, for example running, swimming or dancing.

You sleeve will stabilize your knees, and help you with the squats. You will feel less knee pain when squatting with these braces on.

If you did the exercises incorrectly due to the pain, the braces will help you execute them properly.

Helping your health

If you have a hard time squatting due to knee tendon pain, the sleeve will help you by taking over some load from the strained tendons.

The sleeve is very strong so it will help prevent injuries too.

You can wear them over or under your gym pants.
You can wear them over or under your gym pants.

Wearing the Bear KompleX sleeve

You can wear the Bear KompleX sleeves above or bellow your gym pants. As the sleeves are mainly for workouts with heavy weights, you'll probably want to wear them only for those exercises.

For all-day wearing or lighter sports such as running you may want to check out the FitXpert or the SB SOX sleeve.

This is a thick brace designed for weight lifting, so it's a bit warm too. The sleeve does not slip so it will not cause issues during the workout.

Washing the brace

For best results hand wash them in warm soapy water and let them dry, avoid the dryer. While the brace survives the washing machine this isn't recommended.

The sleeve is made of thick neoprene.
The sleeve is made of thick neoprene.

Material and quality

The sleeve is made of neoprene, so it will have neoprene smell initially.

The material is either 5mm thick or 7mm thick depending on the version you buy (you can choose before buying). The thicker one provides more support for lifting large weights, while the thinner one provides more freedom of movement.

The product contains no latex so you will not get latex allergy from it. There's also no metal in it.

Good to know

The Bear KompleX sleeves come as a pair. A wide range of colors is available, so you will surely find one you like. The sleeve is thick but not padded, so it will not protect you from falling or diving.

Knee wraps can provide even more compression.

The issues

The Bear KompleX sleeves tend to give in faster than expected.